One foot in front of the other

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  • heu mihi says:

    Congratulations–that’s amazing!

    And yes, teach the familiar. You have nothing to prove (to anyone, even to yourself) with this teaching gig–make it as easy on yourself as you possibly can.

    • Thank you! If anyone had told me four years ago that I’d have written a musical about not-my-favorite Shakespeare play, I would have laughed in their face. But Troilus and Cressida (my version) is really growing on me! And the actors seem to like it, so that’s awesome!

      I’m so bad at teaching the familiar, thinking that I’m short changing the students by not pushing them, but let’s be honest: I will be the only person in that class who will be doing all the reading. They won’t care nearly as much as I do, and this is a temp job. No need to get too attached to teaching again!

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