Short Plays

Ado: An Adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing

Heather and Jake are college students, studying Shakespeare. An hour before their test, Jake wakes Heather to ask for help studying Much Ado about Nothing. They enter into a shortened version of the play in order to understand the highlights and techniques that Shakespeare uses to make his works great. (one act - 50 minutes) First produced at Marian University, 2012.
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Aloha Apocalypse

Ed and Sophie wake up on January 13, 2018, to learn that their Hawaiian vacation is being interrupted by nuclear war. (10 minute play) First produced at the Indiana Ten Minute Play Festival, 2020. Later produced by Spark Creative Works Women's Writing Festival on Zoom (New York, 2020), Very Rascals on Zoom (London, 2021), and published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2022 (Smith and Kraus).
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Confessions of the Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf starts to question his life choices, but before he can have a total change of heart, his wife has something to say about it. First Produced at Fonseca Theatre Company, 2022.

Eight Drafts of a Letter Never Sent

How do you handle a loss that never goes away? (Forthcoming production, 2022)


A writer and a painter study each other and contemplate the arts. First produced on Zoom by the Orange Players (Orange, CT).

Five Things

After a seminar on negativity, two people have to share five things that they're really good at. Battling negativity has never been so awkward. (10 minute play)
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When Alex made a wish on his birthday, he had no idea it would come true. Commissioned by Cardinal Stage in Bloomington, Indiana; and first produced by First Run Theatre (St. Louis).
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No Clients in Baseball

A Therapist goes to their kid's baseball game and runs into a client who happens to have a son on the opposing team. How many strikes will it take to get out of this?

O, Commi-Tree

After twenty-three years, a Christmas tree has had enough of capitalism ruining Christmas.

Once upon a Train

Two strangers meet on a commuter train and wish the other could solve their problems. (1 minute play) First produced in the Fat Turtle Theatre's One Minute Play Festival (Zoom, 2020).
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Owning Shakespeare

The year is 1754. Reverend Francis Gastrell bought and tore down the house that William Shakespeare lived and died in -- New Place. Now, he wants to own the bones of the Bard himself. (10 minute play)
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Klara and Jeff are on their first date. When they're accosted by two teenagers, Klara and Jeff have a defining moment. (10 minute play) Finalist in the Lakeshore Players Theatre’s 16th Annual Ten-Minute Playwriting Contest. First produced in the Indiana Ten-Minute Play Festival, 2021.
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She Fed the Devil

Jessie gets a visit from Satan after worrying that she's going to Hell for putting her father in a nursing home. (10 minute play)
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Sisyphus's Interview

Sisyphus arrives in Hades/Hell and gets career counseling from Minos. (1 minute play)
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Ellie and Jonathan go on their second date to the newest, hot restaurant owned by a famous chef, only to find that their tastes are too divergent for them to continue dating. Some irreconcilable differences are more irreconcilable than others.

The Wedding Recessional I Imagine My Parents Had in 1971

A man and woman get married for very different reasons, and the rest is history. Terrible, terrible history.

The Window

After having gone home for a funeral, Sue has returned to her family with a new sense of purpose.

Woo Like a King

When Henry V contemplates how to woo Katharine of Valois, he gets advice from the greatest wooer of all: Richard III. First produced online by 10 Minutes a Month Playwriting Collective (Twobies! United Kingdom), 2021