The Penance of Reverend Gastrell

The year is 1754. Reverend Francis Gastrell bought and tore down the house that William Shakespeare lived and died in -- New Place. Now, he wants to own the bones of the Bard himself. Scarlet Leaf Review, June 2020, short story.

Alter Iago

A medical student's studies take her outside her comfort zone and into the theatre. Adelaid Literary Magazine, Issue 33, February 2020, short story. 

Lemon Pledge

When his grandmother dies, a man is forced to sell off her estate, piece by piece. Furtive Dalliance, Issue 2, June 2018. Short Story.

The Fist

A couple gets divorced because of the wife's alternative personality -- her fist. The Breakroom Stories (audio journal), January 2018. Short Story. (YouTube: “The Fist”)


Going on a date doesn't always turn out the way you'd expect. The Bookends Reviews, January 2018. Short Story.


Klara and Jeff are on their first date. When they're accosted by two teenagers, Klara and Jeff have a defining moment. Short Story (Adapted into a ten minute play, 2019)


Parenting is hard. Carpooling is harder. Down in the Dirt Magazine, Scars Publications, online: February 2017. Short Story. Print: September 2017. (The volume was named after my short story: Vol. 149, Carpool.)

One Last Kiss for Karl

A boy watches his best friend's family self-destruct. So It Goes (The literary journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library), November 2016. Short Story.

Play Ball

The intimate connection between infidelity and baseball. Across the Margin, September 2016. Short Story. (Recognized as one of fifteen “finest fiction” publications in Across the Margin, 2016.)

Once upon a Train

Two strangers meet on a commuter train and wish the other could solve their problems. Spelk, July 2016. Flash Fiction. (Adapted into a 1 minute play)

The Shadow of Perfection

What if you woke up one day with a perfect body in bed with the man of your dreams? The Avenue, June 2016. Print. Short Story

In the Absence of a Translator

Communication is easy when you speak the same language. Right? Johnny America, February 26, 2016. Short Story

The Devil in Our Own Backyard

Quintessence 3, 2005, Short Story. (Adapted into a short play, She Fed the Devil)

Being a Woman

When a woman learns she's pregnant, she contemplates what being a woman means. Quintessence 2, 2004, Short Story.

Eight Drafts of a Letter Never Sent

Twenty years after her best friend died, a woman tries to write to his mother to say she hasn't forgotten about him. Quintessence 1, 2003, Short Story.



Rat’s Ass Review, online April 2017,  poems chronicling the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency.

My Would-be Lavinia

Quintessence 3, 2005

A Henry in the Bushes

Quintessence 3, 2005, Poem

Regrettably Elusive

Quintessence 3, 2005

Window Watching

The Incandescent Jungle, 2001