At last

I’m at my last final of the semester. I have papers coming in tomorrow as well. Everything has to be graded by Tuesday. I have an exit interview set for the 9th. The contract ends the 15th. Then, that’s that.

Yesterday, I was in my office grading the editing final, and my honors students showed up bearing gifts. They gave me Shakespeare etched wine glasses, a bottle of Italian wine (the kind we drank all through Italy!), and some other odds and ends, along with a card that made me cry. It was beautiful.

I am having lots of “lasts” right now. It’s very emotional. Bittersweet. But every writer needs to experience all emotions in order to best represent the human experience, right? Why’s it have to be so hard, though?

Well, I won’t have time to think about it when this final is over. Way too much grading to do. Then, writing. I’ll be writing my ass off this summer. I decided on a historical novel for my first venture. It’s going to be epic.

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