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  • I expect it’s ADD plus not sleeping, but good to get checked while you can. I hope the neuro has some good ideas for you. Today on Ask A Manager there’s an open thread about ways neuro-divergent people cope at work, so maybe that would give you some ideas.

    I’m sorry this is all so hard right now. Sometime, in a few years, things will be going better and you will look back at this and be astonished at how much you had to cope with and that you were even upright through it all. I hope it gets better sooner rather than later.

    • admin says:

      Well if I have a tumor, hopefully it will kill me while I still have life insurance.

      I’m kidding, but I have had a very dark day. Things are pretty bad right now. I hope you’re right about me feeling differently in a few years. More of this would be very bad.

  • Amanda says:

    When my mom died, I experienced many of the things you described.I couldn’t concentrate or remember or function… for like almost a year. I was really pissed off on top of that. Fortunately my husband is a super patient and understanding guy or we might have divorced 6 months into being married. Fundamentally grief makes you crazy. And crazy manifests differently for different people. Death and job loss are major stressors and I think both cause grief in some way. I’m glad you are getting checked out. But… grief makes you crazy… and it seem normal to me that you might grieve right now. Your situation truly sucks.

    • admin says:

      I do think that grief is playing its role in my forgetfulness. I feel like I can’t do anything or concentrate on anything that isn’t an all-out emergency. I’m really tired of living like this.

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