Never again

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  • heu mihi says:

    19 days on a Study Abroad trip sounds pretty much like hell. I did a week-long one once, and, while the students were generally great (and my co-host did most of the work since I was still nursing Bonaventure), I was pretty much done being around them after 6 days. I think your reaction is most reasonable!

    • admin says:

      Yeah, I can’t WAIT to see the student evaluations for this class. Jesus fucking Christ… the whining has got to stop!! If I ask them to meet too early, I’m not giving them enough free time. So today, I said, Okay, let’s meet for dinner at 8:00, but now, they’re texting me that 8:00 is too late, even though we didn’t have lunch until 3:00. Why, why, why? These people are killing me.

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