WAY too much to do…

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  • Fretful Porpentine says:

    Coming to this late (for some reason, the password only seems to work intermittently for me), but for the love of God make sure you and co-leader each have some individual time off to travel WITHOUT students, and with the other one on student duty! It’s sanity-saving (and I say this as someone who DOES get along with my co-leader on both of the summer-abroad trips I’ve done). You don’t have to frame it as getting away from your co-leader, just as getting away from students for a while — and someone does need to stay in the same city that the students will be in, as emergency contact.

    • admin says:

      Weirdly enough the password isn’t always working for me! So strange. I wonder if I can fix this somehow.

      Yeah, I also think that having a faculty leader with students is important. That’s partly why it’s annoying that my traveling companion wants to go to York with me. I really wanted to have some alone time. Meh. But we’ll see how it goes. Eight more days until take off. I also just learned that one of our students is a sick flier. So that will be pleasant… apparently he throws up on planes when he gets too warm.

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