Audiobook Narration

#Lovestrong (Lakeview Coast Book 1) by Courtney Lynn Rose

(Forthcoming) At 17-years-old, Lena has everything going for her . . . until less than sixty seconds changes everything.

The Five Star Man: Dating Handbook for Women Only

Dating is a practice almost every woman engages in at some point in their lives, yet very few are prepared for the process. In The Five-Star Man, T. Naomi Williams discusses five categories that should be used to evaluate any person that you are considering dating or marrying.

Verses by Hilaire Belloc

"In a Boat" and "The Leader." Group recording on Librivox

Uncollected Short Stories of L.M. Montgomery by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Children's Garden, One Mother's Opinion, Margaret's Books, The Goose Feud, A Garden of Old Delights, Margaret Ann's Mother. Group recording on Librivox.

Something Childish and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield

The Journey to Bruges, The Woman at the Store. Group recording on Librivox.

The Ship of Stars by Arthur Quiller-Couch

Chapter 1: The Boy in the Gate House, Chapter 2: Music in the Town Square, Chapter 3: Passenger by Joby's Van. Group recording on Librivox.