Professional Experience


Freelance Editing and Copywriting, 2000-2011.
• Edited novel, Agiliste: Gerade Aus, by Douglas Sun, San Mateo, CA, Available on Kindle (2011).
• Edited novel manuscript, The Extractionist, by Kimberly Unger, San Mateo, CA (2009).
• Edited first draft of untitled novella manuscript for Amy Branam (2009).
• Wrote copy for Dance Instruction brochure, Dekalb County YMCA, Auburn, IN (2007).
• Edited several short stories by Jonathan Roberts, published in a variety of literary magazines, and edited novel manuscript, Plainfield, IN (2001-2009).
• Edited dissertations for graduate students Elan Cohen, Kavita Ajmere, Heather Jo Hendricks, and Liz Brown; and three articles for Karen Schmitt, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN (2000-2002).
Copywriter and Consultant, 2009-present, Brush with Science, San Carlos, CA.
• Responsible for copywriting and proofreading content for posters of artist Julie Newdoll’s series Shakespeare: The Mirror up to Science, as well as content for Newdoll’s website, www.brushwithscience.com/Shakespeare/HamletCommit.html.
Contract Editor, 2005-2006, Antics Online, Belmont, CA.
• Responsible for copyediting and proofreading content for online marketing agency.
Editorial Assistant, 2002-2005, Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature, Marquette University Press, Milwaukee, WI.
• Quarterly scholarly journal.
• Responsible for proofreading all accepted essays, hitting publication targets, conforming essays to current MLA Style Sheet, layout of copy, maintaining databases, corresponding with authors, reviewing proofs, creating author bios, annual indexing of journal, selecting artwork for publication, supervising student assistant, maintaining Renascence website on a limited basis.
• Single-handedly brought journal up-to-date from being three-quarters of a year behind publication schedule within a year of employment.
Newsletter Editor, 2004-2005, English News, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
• Newsletter for graduate students in the Department of English
• Initiated newsletter for the Association of English Graduate Students.
• Responsible for gathering story ideas, designing, copy writing, layout, photocopying and distributing of newsletter on a monthly basis.
General Editor, Quintessence, Vol. 1, 2003; Vol. 2, 2004, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.
• Responsible for reviewing and accepting stories, poems, and drama to appear in Quintessence, the anthology of creative writing produced by English Authors, a creative writing group for graduate students at Marquette University.
• Layout and design: Quintessence, Vol. 1-3, 2003-2005.
Student Media Assistant, Summers 2004-2005, Marquette University, College of Communications, Milwaukee, WI.
• Student Media Assistant: Responsible for copyediting, layout, and proofreading of annual online Communications Alumni Newsletter.
• Urban Journalism Workshop Counselor: Responsible for teaching grammar and mechanics in workshop environment, reviewing principles of journalistic writing with students, copyediting stories written by student participants, layout of 12-page, 5-column tabloid newspaper written by student participants, preparing paper for press.
Writing Center Consultant, Spring terms 2000-2002, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN.
• Responsible for helping students improve their writing skills through one-on-one consultations; trouble-shooting problem areas for students, particularly ESL students; reviewing grammar and mechanics; content editing when appropriate.

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